Monday, October 11, 2010


Kapas Island answers to all your hopes for an idyllic tropical island – swaying palm trees, untouched jungle, turquoise water gently lapping at the beach and colourful coral reefs just off the shore. This picturesque getaway is less than 5 km from the mainland and is reached within 15 minutes by speedboat from the coastal fishing village of Marang. Its accessibility from the mainland makes it popular with locals for daytrips and the fairly good availability of budget accommodation means that it is also popular with backpackers.

 The resorts on Kapas Island are mostly spread out over three beaches on the western shore, facing the mainland. Accommodation here ranges from dorm rooms to moderately priced air-conditioned chalets.  More luxurious accommodation is available on Gemia Island, a small islet just a few hundred metres northwest of Kapas.Pulau Kapas means Cotton Island in Malay and this peculiar name is attributed to the pure white beaches that are the trademark of this island. The name comes as no surprise once you have walked along these beaches: the sand is soft and white and slopes gently into the crystal clear water.

Another reason why Kapas Island is popular is because of the excellent snorkelling in the waters surrounding the island. There is an abundance of corals and other marine life, visibility is good and the water is shallow and calm. Because the coral is mainly around the rocky edges of the island, you can still go swimming off the beautiful beaches, even at low tide. Kapas Island may be easy to reach, but it is much harder to leave this island after being immersed in its beauty.

Camping (4D 3N/ 3D 2N) 
a)      Tent + camp site
b)      Raw material (food) [D.I.Y.]
c)      Toilet + shower room
d)      Kitchen
e)      Boat (2way) & transportation from Dungun to Marang Jetty
f)       Meals + BBQ
g)      Snorkeling
Price: MYR180/pax, MYR150/pax

 Resort/Chalet (3D 2N) 
a)      4 meals/day (breakfast+ lunch+ hi-tea+ dinner)+ BBQ on the last night
b)      Ferry (2way)
c)      Room
d)     Snorkeling (3times/day)
e)      Island tour(by walking+ 1 guider)
Price: MYR230/pax


  1. it's a nice yet informative blog..
    this blog is simple and easy to understand the information given..
    but i have one suggestion..
    it would be much better if u can add up info on how to reach at the island from the nearby state like Pahang and Kuala Lumpur..
    and not forget how far it is and how long the journey will take..
    this is because some tourist especially tourist from all over the world that usually landing in KLIA...
    so u need to consider about them...
    by the way, it is a nice blog for a person who love to go to an island just like me...
    thank you...
    and don't forget to add up more information for other island... thanks... =)

  2. resort / chalet (3D 2N) RM 230 utk brpe org?